There is no magic pill for acne

Oh how I wish I had a magic pill for acne, or a one time facial that would "cure" acne. So many clients come to us looking for just that, a facial, a cream or treatment that will "cure" their acne. What we tell them is that everyone's acne is different and there is no one treatment that we have found that works for everyone. 

Acne is an internal disorder that is expressing on the surface.  The four main triggers I see are; genetics,  hormonal imbalances, stress and food sensitivities/allergies (especially diary). By the time a client makes it to us many have already tried the mass market products and have seen the dermatologist. For many people these treatments work, but  not everyone is going to respond to benzol peroxide, anti-biotics, retin-a or salylic acid. Our focus at Skin by Marywynn is to calm down the inflammation and see if we can't help you stop the cycle of breakouts. As estheticians we work topically to deeply cleanse the skin, clean out your pores, balance and nourish the surface of your skin and send you home with some products and tips that will help you continue the results at home.

Some of our clients respond amazingly well to one a facial and a change in their routine at home. We love it when it's easy, but sometimes nothing we try seems to get anywhere.  We are left flummoxed and our client frustrated. When that happens it does send us back to the drawing board, but that is small consolation to someone with challenging skin.

What this means for new clients, is that we will work with you to help you achieve your skin care goals, but sometimes it takes more work than we realize. Our approach is to discuss your diet, life style, current skincare routine and treatments and products/treatments you have tried unsuccessfully in the past and develop a customized plan that includes home care products and possible changes in lifestyle.

We also welcome anyone who is dealing with acne to come in for a consultation to discuss their concerns. I also will continue to search for the magic pill.

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