Will I break out after a facial?

We have many clients voice concern that they will have a  break out after a facial. I wish I could say "no of course not" but I can't.

Typically if you have clear skin with an occasional bump or pimple, I would assume you wouldn't. If you come in with severe acne your skin should look amazing afterwards. However some people do indeed break out after a treatment.  The reasons for a post facial break out may be many:

    • Allergic or intense reaction to a product

    • Your skin is purging bacteria that was already there and the facial simply brought it to a head

    • Too much pressure during extractions

    • Interaction with medications

    • Facial waxing or threading around the time of your facial

    • Stressful event or your period at the time of the facial that is unrelated to the treatment

The only time I urge caution in getting a facial is if it is your first time with us and you have a big event within the week, like a wedding. Should you experience a break out you need to tell your esthetician as soon as possible so that we can help resolve the problem.

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