Susan Posnick Make up has arrived!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! You all know how long I have been looking for a make-up line. For 3 years I have been researching, testing and tracking down line after line in search of something special to bring to you. I think we are off to a fantastic start with Susan Posnick.

To make a long story short, years ago I gave up wearing mineral make-up and all powders. It sat in my fine lines and pores making  me look older. You know, just what everyone wants to see when looking in the mirror. Suffice it to say my arms were crossed and my ears barely open when the lovely Erin Orden walked in the door demanding that I listen to her spiel on the line. The next day after unrolling my eyes I picked up the colorflo fully intending to not like it when to my dismay a few hours later it looked great. In fact the whole week flew by with lovely looking skin and I had to call Erin and admit that humble pie tasted darn good.  Cut to the chase, the make-up is in and we all love it. The lovely Liz Jones is available to play with you on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10-6:30 and Saturdays 9-5:30. The rest of us can dabble between clients.

One of my favorite things about this line is that it continues the treatment from the room. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits are quite astonishing.  A few facts on the Colorflo:  It only has 9 ingredients, that's right 9.

    1. Micronized titanium dioxide - A natural sunblock which reflects light so UVA rays cannot absorb into skin-the best covering and whitening pigment available to lighten and brighten the skin

    1. Micronized zinc oxide - The best available sun protection from both UVA and UVB rays

    1. Iron Oxides - Pure color pigments derived from minerals, rocks and crystals-the base of most color cosmetics

    1. Boron Nitride - Acts as a natural emulsifier

    1. Mica-Provides a natural glow to the skin - it is oil absorbing and derived from quartz and mineral crystals

    1. Vitamin A - Is an Anti-oxidant with anti-aging properties

    1. Vitamin E - Prevents irritation from sun exposure, is a natural moisturizer, an anti-oxidant and assists in the prevention of sun damage

    1. Bismuth Oxychloride - Contains oil-absorbing and anti-inflammatory properties

    1. Superoxide Dismutase - A skin protector that fights the free radicals which break down the skin

Colorflo contains no fillers or powders and doesn't settle into fine lines or wrinkles-unlike powder, it never looks dry.  The minerals meld with your natural oils and the warmth of the skin to create a clean, natural finish-like a second skin.  And saving the best for last...colorflo holds through hot flashes! Not that I know anything about that mind you. I've only heard from someone besides myself who happens to be going through hot flashes..oh never mind.

We have the coloflo, blush and concealers in stock. The eye shadows have been ordered and should be here this week. Come play.

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