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Keri Wegs began her mission to beautify this world when, as a twelve year old, she received her first pimple. Her first dermatologist appointment soon followed. This and her obsession with images of made up women in her monthly Seventeen started her lifelong devotion to beauty and wellness for herself and others. She got her first job as an esthetician at an Aveda Concept Spa in Ashland, Oregon where she honed her skills as an esthetician. Her specialty was acne management, as she worked to build a workable skincare regimen for clients that would make them see and feel results. Next, she worked in San Francisco at an elite urban skin studio where she worked in tandem with plastic surgeons and dermatologists and helped research products for the studio’s line. Keri has now been at Skin by Marywynn for eight years, and is approaching twenty years of being an esthetician. Her greatest joy as an esthetician is to teach her clients how to use all the tools she has gained over the years, where they can see results, and gain self-confidence in the process.


1. What are your three desert island products?
Pore cleanser, Vitamin C, and Tizo Sunscreen

2. What drew you to skincare?
I was absolutely desperate to figure out how to heal my acne.

3. What is your personal beauty philosophy?
Embrace what you have and pay attention to your skin like you would your health.

4. What do your beautiful friends and clients have in common?
I would have to say that they all have an inner beauty that radiates out.

5. What are your favorite vices?
Wine, Coffee, and Yoga!


Janene Mitchell | Licensed Acupuncturist  Booking

Janene was drawn to studying Japanese and Chinese Medicine while living in San Francisco. After completing a bachelor’s degree in classical music at the local conservatory she pursued her loves of dance, theater and music.  Learning how to care for her body during that time inspired her to become certified in different types of Asian energetic bodywork and join the staff of the premiere Japanese spa of San Francisco as a Shiatsu therapist.  Wanting to deepen her studies and learn more about herbs and acupuncture Janene headed south for school, then stayed for 15 years practicing in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills before relocating to Portland in 2016. Throughout her career Janene has focused on all aspects of women’s health including infertility, pregnancy, and healthy aging – from menopause to skincare. She is a voracious learner, intrigued by the interplay of hormones at different stages of our lives.  Janene has studied many styles of facial acupuncture and draws on the teachings of Yue-Ying Li, Michelle Gellis, Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, Ping Zhang and Martha Lucas, distilling their most effective techniques into her own unique approach. Janene loves being able to integrate all the modalities and fields of knowledge she’s immersed herself in over the last 20 years. She provides a nourishing and supportive environment to help her patients attain their goals.


1. What are your three desert island products?
Tuel C Power Serum.  I love the Calming Bio Lipid Repair Cream but, I'd probably need the Barrier Recovery Sleep Mask after all the sun exposure!  A good physical block sunscreen like Tizo.

2. You've got 5 minutes to leave the house.  What's your beauty routine?
Sunglasses, lip gloss and good hair.  A quick water spritz to wake up my curls and I'm out of the door!

3.What drew you to acupuncture?
Feeling the energy flows in my massage clients and looking for a way to make even more of a difference.  Plus, when I was a kid, I thought I might become a doctor.  I was always curious about medicine and healing.

4. What do your beautiful friends and clients have in common?
Love of beauty - in art, in people and nature - a respect for others.  Also, lots of laughter, humor is essential.

5. What is your personal beauty philosophy?
Shine from the inside.