Keri Wegs  |  Senior Esthetician

Keri Wegs began her mission to beautify this world when, as a twelve year old, she received her first pimple. Her first dermatologist appointment soon followed. This and her obsession with images of made up women in her monthly Seventeen started her lifelong devotion to beauty and wellness for herself and others. She got her first job as an esthetician at an Aveda Concept Spa in Ashland, Oregon where she honed her skills as an esthetician. Her specialty was acne management, as she worked to build a workable skincare regimen for clients that would make them see and feel results. Next, she worked in San Francisco at an elite urban skin studio where she worked in tandem with plastic surgeons and dermatologists and helped research products for the studio’s line. Keri has now been at Skin by Marywynn for eight years, and is approaching twenty years of being an esthetician. Her greatest joy as an esthetician is to teach her clients how to use all the tools she has gained over the years, where they can see results, and gain self-confidence in the process.


1. What are your three desert island products?
Pore cleanser, Vitamin C, and Tizo Sunscreen

2. What drew you to skincare?
I was absolutely desperate to figure out how to heal my acne.

3. What is your personal beauty philosophy?
Embrace what you have and pay attention to your skin like you would your health.

4. What do your beautiful friends and clients have in common?
I would have to say that they all have an inner beauty that radiates out.

5. What are your favorite vices?
Wine, Coffee, and Yoga!


Emily Alamano  |  Esthetician

Emily is the newest addition to Skin By Marywynn. Her interest in skincare started when she began to struggle with acne as an adult. The dermatologist didn’t help and drugstore products never improved anything. Emily’s skin improved after a more holistic approach to healing the skin which included facials with focus on exfoliation and extractions. She realized she wanted to empower others by teaching them how to take care of their skin, so she enrolled in the Cinta Aveda Institute in downtown San Francisco. She then became an esthetician at the holistic skin studio that helped her. Emily believes healthy skin requires a sustainable home regimen and she loves working with clients to create a straight forward routine they understand and enjoy. Emily is a Portland transplant, and Skin by Marywynn is thrilled to welcome her authentic ability to connect with clients and her incredible knowledge in specialized skincare.


1. What is your personal beauty philosophy?
Choose products you enjoy using so that you look forward to your regimen.

2. What are your three desert island products?
Tuel Power Peel for exfoliation, Calming Bio Creme for hydration, and Tizo AM Replenish for a tinted SPF

3. What makes you different as an Esthetician?
I believe improving the skin can make an enormous improvement in self-esteem and I keep this as the goal for clients.

4. What drew you to skincare?
It sounds cheesy but I want to help people feel better about themselves, and in the grand scheme of things improving the skin is a fairly simple and straightforward way to do this. 

5. What are your favorite vices?
Sleeping in and bingeing on podcasts.


Laura Hirsch  |  Studio Manager

Laura is Skin By Marywynn’s Customer Care Specialist. She is an Alaskan native who says, “The further north I am the better I feel.” Laura chose Portland as her second home and has lived here on and off for 30 years. Laura has extensive expertise in skincare and cosmetics, having begun her career with the naturally focused line, Origins, by Estee Lauder. Laura is a gregarious people person who truly loves connecting with clients and working with them intensively to find cosmetics and skincare that works perfectly for them, and to develop an individualized look and regimen.


1. What are your three desert island products?
Tizo SPF, Tizo lip balm, and a toothbrush

2. You’ve got 5 minutes to leave the house. What’s your beauty routine?
Moisturizer, Susan Posnick Shimmer, brows, and lips.

3. What drew you to skincare?
I have always loved great looking skin but my mainline to skincare was through color and cosmetics.  I love how a little hint of color can change not only a person’s appearance but their whole energy for the day.

4. What do your beautiful friends and clients have in common?
Commitment and character.

5. What is your personal beauty philosophy?
Be good to yourself and the people around you–that is what is truly beautiful!