Watch out UCLA, Vicki is on her way.

It's been a great month so far. I went to Vegas to attend a 3 day business seminar with the lovely Kenton, yesterday Kris and Liz flew to Oakland for a day of product training on the Tu-el line. But even more exciting, this weekend Vicki will be attending part 1 of Rebecca Gadberys course on Skincare Ingredients for Cosmetic Professionals. I've taken this class 3 times over the past 12 years, and wish I was headed down with her. This class should be mandatory for anyone who works in the industry. Rebecca is an amazing educator and just brimming with information on chemistry, cell biology and how it works with all the potions and lotions out there. L

I'm really looking forward to hearing about updates on the new advances in skincare  ingredient technology upon her return.

 Expect to see Vicki's hair on fire next time you see her.

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