It's all about the eyes

It's all about the eyes baby. We are so excited 4 new eye creams have arrived and they truly are amazing! Until now, the Valmont Prime Contour has been the mack daddy of all creams. Great for brightening, lifing, puffines and dark circles. We always test everything else against this bad boy, but at $190 per oz it was a bit steep for some folks. This year we discovered a new eye cream from Darphin..., Stimulskin Eye Cream $130 for .5oz. If crows feet are your challenge, this is the one for you. Next up are 3 new anti-wrinkle eye treatments from Valmont. I didn't think it possible but they out did themselves. Cyto complex I, II and III. I is for an all over tightening effect, like a topical botox. $190 .5 oz. Cyto II is all about lifting droopy lids. this one is shocking, my eye lids are sitting in a diiferent place after 3 weeks use, $200 .5 oz and then the Cyto III $220 .5 oz. This is great for stimulating collagen production. If you get injections this will help them to last longer. You may find that you can eliminate the need for botox around the eyes with this treatment. I'm using II on my upper lids and III under my eyes and crows feet area. Wanna play with some samples? Just ask at your next visit. These treatments rock.

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