Can Valmont Improve on the DNA Repair Serum?

Just when we think these products can’t get any better they surprise us with the latest in skin care technology.Valmont has just released a new “super” serum called Polyfactor Repair Serum III.

This serum is appropriate for anyone who wants to see significant changes in both the softening of fine lines and lifting of tired sagging skin. Valmont DNA Repair Serum has been our serum of choice for assisting in the “prevention” of fine lines and gravity. It also boosts tissue regeneration as well as calms and soothes damaged tired skin with ingredients such as Echinacea, Vitamin E and Biopeptides.

The new Polyfactor Repair Serum III simply takes this to a whole new level. This serum is going to treat the lines and wrinkles that are “already there”. This serum provides immediate smoothing and lifting by reinforcing the biological structure of the skin which allows for denser firmer skin. One of the primary ingredients is the Sichuan Pepper Extract. This ingredient actually blocks synaptic transmissions from muscle contractions. It is also contains a new cocktail of anti-wrinkle peptides which offer a similar result to Retinoic Acid or Vitamin A.

Our suggestion moving forward for our clients already using the DNA Repair Serum is to pick up a sample on your next visit. We now have options for both prevention as well as correction!

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