Guinot Products have arrived!

A few months ago, Valmont discontinued our favorite cleanser for sensitve skin, so we have been on the hunt for a replacement. After a few disastrous reactions we have found a wonderful replacement in the Guinot line. Their Calming line is abundant with Lymphokine, Omega 6 and a complex of vein-toning  ingredients known for their soothing action.

Demaquillant Hydrasenstive: Gentle Cleansing Milk

Serum Ultrasenstive: Ultra Sensitive Serum

Red Logic: Lightweight Face Cream suitable for all skin types, with a slight green tint it's great if you are experiencing a flare up.

Creme Protection Reparatrice: A great night cream or to use when you need a bit more moisture.

We also have two amazing Guinot eye gels. Gels are great for those of us with really sensitive eyes.

Masque Yeux: amazing gel mask for the eyes... my lovely husband insisted we get it as soon as possible. It truly works wonders on those certain mornings when you are puffy.

Anti-Fatigue Yeux: a light weight eye gel great for reducing puffines and dark circles.

There is also a delicious body cream, hand cream, neck crean and cleansing water. If you are interested in learning more about the products you are always welcome to e-mail us or swing by when Liz working for a wee bit of face love. 

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