Frequently Used Excuses for not Wearing Sunscreen

Ok here I go again, wear sunscreen everyday, rain or shine. That's really all I should have to say, but many of us need to be reminded of the many reasons we need to protect ourselves from damaging UV rays.

Perhaps we should go about this a bit differently this time. I am going to address the most frequently used reasons our clients come up with for not using SPF.

1. I need my vitamin D and SPF will cause a deficiency!
Umm no it won't, you only need about 20 minutes of noontime exposure on your head, neck or back of your hands to make about 1000 IU's of Vitamin D. Or take a supplement, from what I've read the human body doesn't know the difference between the two. So go take a walk...on your lunch break, your waistline will thank me.

2. You only need to wear SPF on sunny days!
Again, umm no you don't. You need to protect yourself against both UVA and UVB. The majority of us protect against UVB, the burning rays we can feel. Listen to this, UVA damages the skin at much deeper level than UVB. UVA damages skin cells called keratinocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis, where most skin cancers occur. It is present while it's day time...raining or cloudy year round.

3. I don't like to use it, it makes my skin look white and oily.
We have several options that are oil free and absorb easily into the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated. If you don't like ours find another, they are out there.

4. I look better with a little color!
You call it color and I tell you it's your DNA screaming at you to get the heck out of the sun. Really when your skin turns color it's your body's imperfect way of trying to protect itself. The only safe tan is a fake tan, or you could wear some bronzer. Another option is to learn to love your inner pale chick or dude, I do.

5. I use tanning beds, they don't have UV.

Umm, yes they do. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, "tanning beds emit does of UV as much as 12 times higher than the sun. People who use tanning beds are 2.5 times more likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma, and 1.5 times more likely to develop basal cell carcinoma. According to recent research, first exposure to tanning beds in youth increases melanoma risk by 75 percent."

6. I am naturally tan.

All skin, regardless of color needs SPF.


We want you around to enjoy facials and everything else that life has to offer, so play it safe. Wear a big hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, your DNA will thank you.

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