Are You Properly Feeding Your Skin?

What I eat for my skin:

We take an approach here that your skin is a reflection of what you eat. Acne, wrinkles, eczema all are either triggered by or exacerbated by our food choice and the quantity and quality of what we drink, meaning water.

In my prior career as a holistic chef in the late 80's through the 90's I was cooking vegan, gluten free, dairy free, night shade free.  You name it I cooked, or didn't if I was making raw food. I worked with my clients doing elimination diets trying to figure out what their particular trigger was. Many times it would be quite surprising, eggs or soy or nuts. I can say that the main foods I saw having a direct impact on their skin were, dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, eggs, citrus and vinegar. Regardless of whether is was a true allergy or sensitivity the one pattern that almost everyone I worked with had developed the same bad habit of eating a very narrow group of foods over and over and over. Sound familiar?

Now in my current work, what you eat is impacting your skin and how we work with you. Clients still ask, what should I eat for good skin. With out working one on one with a client what I can say is eat a wide selection of protein, whole grains, cooked, raw and eat the rainbow. I am going to start posting photo's of my food choices through out the week with a little more information about what is in the food and it's connection with the skin. On a personal note I eat almost exclusively organic, it's important to me to be as kind to the planet as possible.

breakfast; was a smoothie made with low fat yogurt, mixed berries (that I picked and froze from Sauvie Island last summer) spinach, almond butter and chia seeds. Yogurt has calcium which is helping my cells generate lipids to keep my barrier strong and healthy. That's part of the reason you see the glow on our skin, that and Valmont. The berries are full of antioxidants, almond butter has extra protein and the chia are full of fiber and Omega 3 & 6. The best part, it's yummy!

lunch: cabbage, brown rice, roasted butternut squash, cucumber, kale, chicken breast, pumpkin seeds and lemon vinaigrette. I call it the Marywynn power lunch. It gives hours of energy without feeling full. The squash is loaded with beta-carotene, which helps protect my collagen fibers.

the photo on the right shows my supplements: fish oil, fiber, calcium/magnesium and a multivitamin with lot's of c, e and beta carotene.

-Marywynn Ryan, Owner

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