Why get a facial?

You would be surprised at how many times we hear this question asked.  Here are some examples of reasons you should consider giving us a call:

    • A facial provides proper analysis of your skin and correct product recommendations

    • It includes exfoliation which refines your skin’s texture allowing better product absorption

    • It is Anti-Aging by combating the negative effects of sun exposure and incorrect product use

  • Stress Reduction-

      • Stress is quickly rising to number 1 in the premature aging process (sun exposure is #2)

      • Stress is a rosacea trigger

      • Stress lengthens wound healing by up to 30%

      • Stress shortens the life span of your skin cells

      • Stress increases your cortisol levels triggering inflammation in the skin -- weakens the skins barrier—increases dryness and sensitivity

      • Stress aggravates acne- increased inflammation

      • Stress makes every skin condition worse

      • Women are more susceptible to stress aging

    • Education

        • We explain how to care for your specific skin type and conditions you may be experiencing.  We also discuss diet and how it can affect your skin.

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