What can Vitamin C do for your skin?

Many people tend to think of Vitamin C only when cold and flu season rolls around. But did you know that Vitamin C is truly one of the unsung heroes in the skin care ingredient world?

Vitamin C improves skin appearance and visually lessens wrinkles by :
    • Increasing dermal thickness by stimulating collagen synthesis

    • Protecting Natural Killer (NK) cells of immune system

    • Lightening the appearance of age-spots

  • Strengthens capillary walls

Vitamin C serum is a must if you are a smoker, even if you are an occasional smoker. Of course you should quit, but until then use it twice a day. One drag of cigarette smoke (yours or second hand) kills 50,000 NK Cells. NK Cells are at the front line in the protection against cancer. Many of my clients that smoke notice a reduction in the overall redness of their skin when using it consistently.

An important tip to label reading if you currently use any Vitamin C skin care products, look for the key word "Ascorb" as in Ascorbic, Ascorbyl, Ascorbate. All forms are enzymatically transformed into bio-available L-ascorbic acid after absorption into the skin.

I'm not crazy about using L-Ascorbic Acid directly on the skin, it can be very irritating and unstable. Unstable Vitamin C can oxidize lipids, which in plain English means it can contribute to black heads.  A few of my favorite forms of Vitamin C you will see on labels are Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Ascorbyl Palmitate.  A simple way to determine if your Vitamin C serum or cream is stable is that when you apply it there is no tingle or burning.

A few of our favorite Vitamin C products are Tu'el's Crystal C Serum, Valmont's Infinite Radiance Essence and Cream as well as the DNA Repair Serum and our Moisture Replenishing Cream.

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