How to wash your face


I'm often asked what is the most important step in caring for your skin. Without hesitation I say it's washing your face CORRECTLY. If you are using the wrong cleanser or using your cleanser inappropriately, the rest of your routine will be wrong. 

Ok so how should you wash your face?

Working with a 1 Step milky, gel or foam cleanser (am cleanse)

Start with dry hands and dry face. Starting dry allows the cleanser to attach to the dirt and debris first, rather than slip around on the water. Place a few pumps of cleanser in your hands, rub your hands together to distribute evenly, then apply it your face. I always start with my lashes then spread out across my face and neck. Then once evenly distributed I massage it around hitting my entire face and neck. I go into my hair line up and up behind my ears. Make a mess, your skin is worth it. Then add some water massage it all together. When you start to feel your bare skin, splash your face liberally with water and use a wash cloth to make sure all of the cleanser and dead skin has been removed.

Working with the Tuel 2 Step Deep Pore Cleansing Oil and Herbal Toner Duo (pm cleanse)

I jokingly refer to this as graduate level cleansing. I don't always offer this right away.

Working with a double cleanse at night really allows for a deep pore cleansing and makeup removal that doesn't strip your face. I find it removes stubborn mineral spf and make-up well, eliminating the need for a make-up remover.

Again, starting with dry hands and dry face pump 5 pumps of oil into your hand, rub hands together then massage onto skin for about a minute. Again I start with my lashes. After a minute of massaging, use the same amount of herbal toner and massage the 2 together on your skin for another minute. I actually don't put the toner directly onto my lashes, just the oil. Then thinking of water as the 3rd product, get your hands wet and start massaging it all together. Keep adding water slowly until you feel your skin underneath, not the product then splash with water and finish with a wash cloth. I usually have the stopper in my sink and it's filled with warm water and a wash cloth floating in it ready to go.

 If you are unsure if your technique or cleanser is correct please reach out. We can arrange time to show you at the front desk how it should feel.

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