How far would you go for glowing skin?

How about the Artic, deep sea thermal vents or the barren desert?  As the demand for results-driven skin care products increases, the search for high efficacy ingredients does as well. To the consumer, obtaining effective skin care products may seem as easy as a trip to your local skin care studio but to cosmetic companies it can literally mean traveling to the ends of the earth. What is to be found in these desolate locations? Extremophiles of course!

Extremophiles are organisms that are tolerant in environmental extremes (intense UV rays, severe dehydration, and unusual temperatures) and have evolved to grow optimally. Picture a desert flower that lies dormant for 7 years and blooms with the first rain. As a result they have become self-sufficient in protecting DNA and other genetic matter while continuing to flourish in otherwise unlivable circumstances. These organisms have been analyzed and applied to skin care products in a process called Bio-Mimicry. One such organism is Thermos Thermophillus. This ferment is derived from deep sea hydro thermal vents and has a unique ability to protect DNA, support enzymatic activity, and protect cell membranes and fibroblasts all while scavenging free radicals. This lovely ingredient is found in the Skin by Marywynn Antioxidant Complex

This amazing serum when tested on consumers for just 7 days created: exceptional softness, noticeable smoothness, increased suppleness, enhanced firmness, refined radiance, intense hydration, greater clearness, better brightness and redness diminished.

Based on the results they experienced in just 7 days 84% of consumers who used Antioxidant Defense Complex said they would use it indefinitely.

* 7 day study of consumers who applied complex twice a day along with their regular skin care routine

Worth the trip? We think so.

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