How does stress affect my skin?

Our skin is the largest organ of our excretory and respiratory systems. When we are stressed, our skin is impacted on many levels. Internally our level of coritsol, a hormone also known as our flight or fight responce, rises resulting in water loss the inhibits the skins ability to repair itself. leaving us vulnerable to a myriad of challenges like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne flare ups and wrinkles.

For some of us it will appear as oiliness and break outs, while others will notice more fine lines or sallow, dry looking skin. Even those of you who normally don't break out can experience "stress induced acne". Stressed skin is deprived of the blood and oxygen it needs to stay healthy. Our skins immune cells are busy fighting the stress so they are unavailable to do the everyday work of healing the skin.

Ok, now that we're stressed what do we do?

    • make sure you are cleansing your skin gently with proper cleanser for your skin type with tepid water.

    • avoid hot showers. moisturize your skin as soon as possible after cleansing.

    • drink water and lots of it. exercise, it helps release endorphins that reduce stress.

    • come in for a facial so that we may de-stress you and help repair your barrier topically.

    • take home some of our delicious masks and serums to help "feed" your skin. Our picks are the Platinum Soothing Mask, Soothing Gelle Mask, DNA Repair Serum and Stress Recovery Complex.

Please don't think you need to suffer with "Stress Face". Give us a call and let us help.

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