Gold Star for new Client

I have a lovely client, K who retired to Portland a few years back having spent years in the Texan Sun. Last month in order to take advantage of our bring a friend special (did I mention she is also very smart) she brought her husband B in for his first facial. B and I were having a great time during his facial when it came time for extractions and a really good look at his skin after exfoliating. There, under the mag lamp, on the side of his nose was a spot that looked very different than all of the others. I asked him about it, he said I go every six months, payback for all the damage I did as a kid. But since he had just been for his check up, he wondered if it was necessary to go right away. I'm not a doctor, but have seen plenty of per-cancerous spots that I said yes, please go soon. Better safe than sorry.

Well he listened, went and turns out it was pre-cancerous. His doctor stated it was a very fast growing type so he was glad he came in early for his check up. Now I have said to countless clients, some on their first visit please get this spot checked. Often times I never see or hear from them again, but this time I did. K & B just came back for another round of facials and K thanked me for suggesting he get checked. I just wanted to pin a gold star on his chest for following up! To all of you that we say, hey has this spot been here for a while or has it changed lately we are not trying to scare you. Just trying to encourage you to head to the dermatologist for a spot check. Like I said to B, better safe than sorry.

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