Eye Cream vs Eye Gel

We are often asked which is better, eye cream or eye gel.  Around here we are quite obsessive when it comes to eye products.  When testing a new product we use it on one eye, testing it against the Valmont Contour which we consider the mac daddy of eye creams. That way there is clear and visible proof of a difference.

Both creams and gels are effective at treating wrinkles. There are 2  main differences as I see it. First, eye gels are better at reducing puffiness and dark circles. Second, if you have really sensitive eyes gels work much better at not bleeding into your eyes.

So if you are 20 a light weigh lotion/cream is perfect, but upon hitting your 30's you want to target the under eye area with a great gel. Once you hit your 40's you may use both a gel and cream like I do. If you have any questions about which is better for you, ask at your next appointment.

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