Duo Cleansing: put your best face forward

Clients often ask what's the one thing I could add today to make a difference?  It’s simple: washing your face with the right product. if you aren’t using the correct cleanser for your skin, the rest of your routine will be off. When I’m working with a new client, I almost always have them start by adding Tuel’s Deep Pore Cleansing Duo. This amazing system checks off all the boxes. It deeply cleans without stripping your skin. It’s how I start every facial and how I wash my face at night. 

The Cleansing Oil goes deep, bonding with your skin’s natural oils to draw out more dirt, make-up and pollutants than a milk or gel cleanser ever could. Combined with its partner, a specially designed Herbal Toner, it becomes water-soluble to thoroughly cleanse and gently exfoliate. This unique treatment also prepares your skin for maximum absorption of serums, creams and masks to deliver active ingredients where they’re most effective. It feels amazing and smells divine. Your skin will feel soft, not “squeaky clean”. Learning that that stripped, squeaky feeling is actually bad for your skin is the first step in caring for your skin correctly.

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