Do I need to use a separate Neck Cream?

This is  a great question. In a word the answer is yes.

Many of us who  take care of our face tend to neglect our decollete and neck. Often when giving a facial I can feel a line of demarcation on the jawline, where the cleansing and exfoliation stop. Our skin shows signs of aging starting in our 30's, one obvious sign is a wrinkled chest. I call it the tree, you know the one big wrinkle with several little shoots coming off in many directions.

The skin on our chest and neck have less sebaceous glands than our face, so already we have less oil. Even if we do put sunscreen on our face many of us, (including myself) didn't extend it down as far as we needed to. Most neck neck creams are formulated a bit richer than face creams and tend to have better results in that delicate area. Consistent use will give you the best results long term.

When I wash my face at night with my Tu-el cleansing oil and herbalizer I make sure to wash my decollete and  follow with my Valmont DNA repair serum and finish with the Valmont Neck Cream. We also carry a beautiful neck cream from Guinot that many of our clients are quite happy with as well.

During the day you must use your SPF all the way down, anywhere that is showing skin is where you should be applying your potions. Happy necking!

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