10 Basic Skin Care Essentials

Right, so many of you ask what is the most important product you need for proper skin care. I always answer that if you aren't currently using SPF that we start there. The longer answer is that I start with cleanser, if you are not cleansing properly your whole routine will be off. Then the right exfoliant, followed by serum(s), moisturizer, eye/lip cream. Once a week I recommend a good scrub of your whole body. Seems overwhelming but really with 10 good products, some of which can do double duty, it's not all that daunting.

Here is my list of the 10 basic skin care essentials that everyone needs in their bathroom. I guarantee that most of you probably have many more than that, studies show the average is 14 but in order to simplfy your routine and allow you to clean out the old, inappropriate and unused products here is your go to list.

1. Cleansing milk, gel or oil
2. Herbalizer or toner
3. Exfoliant; can be scrub, enzymes or aha's like glycolic
4. Serum
5. Moisturizer
6. SPF
7. Eye/lip cream
8. Mask
9. Body scrub
10. Body lotion

Now that's not so hard is it?

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