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Skin by Marywynn

Whats up with Toners?

Toner seems to be the hot topic in skincare these days. So let’s demystify this supposed magic bullet. Is it the ultimate skin saver or just another nice-to-have in your arsenal?


Toner is great for removing that last bit of residue on your skin after cleansing.

It’s also a really effective hydration precursor, which simply means that dampening your skin helps it accept more of what you put on next, and better feed hydration to your cells.


So if you’re ready to join Team Toner, how do you choose the right one?


It all depends on your skin type and current skin conditions. Skin has innate types (such as dry or oily), and then periods of acting out of the ordinary. Look for ingredients that address your condition, and consult your aesthetician to dial it in perfectly. Skin changes month by month, so it’s important to get real with what’s happening in the moment, skin-wise.


Check out these three die-hard toners in our shop:

1) Cleansing Duo from Tu-el (cleansing oil with herbal toner) is a MUST have for nightly deep pore cleansing

2) Vital Falls from Valmont. I use this in the morning after showering for a splash of hydration.

3) Pollution Solution Mist is great for morning use then to use through out the day. Formulated for those who experience indoor pollution (hello office workers)