Lash tinting is a great alternative to mascara. I like to tint monthly so my blonde lashes have a bit a depth. Believe it or not I don’t always wear make up. While the results vary for each person, some hair absorbs less color than others, you should get some nice color to last 4 weeks.

As for brow tinting, those of us with thinning brows from age or over tweezing can really get great results. Your brows appear fuller, thicker and more defined, even for the blondest of blondes. We have several colors and can customize them to get a great color just for you.

If you really want your eyes to pop out consider tinting.

We only use Intensive Brand Lash and Brow Tint. This exceptional product is formulated for long lasting results. It is vegetable based and does not contain PPD, Resorcinol, or 1-Naphthol. One of the most popular lash & brow hair tinting products on the market today. Intensive Lash and Brow Tint is not tested on animals.

Lash & Brow
For lash tint only service you must not be wearing mascara.