Eye & Lip Treatments

Circadia Emergency Eye Lift

This crystal-clear gel instantly tightens and lifts the eye area, and plumps fine lines, while offering the long-term benefit of a more youthful look over time.

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This deluxe, velvety rich treatment cream radically addresses multiple changes experienced by the aging eye contour area. State-of-the-art technologies lift and smooth the eyelid folds and counteract sagging by protecting the extracellular matrix from damage generated by pollution, filling in wrinkles and smoothing the crow’s feet area.

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Skin by Marywynn Eye Serum

This radically lifting super-serum addresses all major changes that the aging eye experiences: lines and wrinkles, dark shadows, puffiness, loss of volume and firmness and the most difficult area to treat- the sagging upper lid.

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Skin by Marywynn Lip Remodeling Treatment

Volumizes thinning lips in days to weeks, while visibly reducing “feathering” and fine lines around the mouth. Rehydrates and restores comfort to dry lips. The result is younger-looking, exceptionally smooth and remoisturized lips.

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Tizo Lip Protection SPF45

Solar Protection Formula® LipTect SPF 45 is specifically developed for the thinnest layers of skin on the Lips, nose, and Ears. It combines Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide and is free of chemical sunscreens, resulting in excellent broad spectrum protection. LipTect SPF45 is an elegant soothing formula that fades to a natural skin tone.


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Tu'el Eye Corrector

It’s magic in a bottle. This is a powerful combination of natural ingredients. Bearberry and Licorice lighten and brighten without damaging the skin while Lupin promotes collagen production. Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin E work together to firm, tone and fight free radicals. You won’t believe your eyes.

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Tu'el Eye Plus Lotion NEW NAME "Fresh Eyes"

A lightweight, non-irritating lotion for the delicate area around the eyes and the lips.

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Valmont Dermo Structuring Master Eye Factor III

This oily gel is similar in texture to a balm targets the dermal matrix to help correct the hormonal structural wrinkles and cutaneous sagging. Anti-wrinkles and density oily eye gel. For women affected by in-depth wrinkles and lack of density. The exclusive anti-wrinkle complex is enriched with soy peptides which remodel the skin surface and tone down teh structural wrinkles. One day after another, the skin of the eye contour appears denser.

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Valmont Expression Line Reducer Eye Factor I

A refined, iridescent & fast absorbing eye gel Effectively aims at base of epidermis Visibly reduces appearance of expression wrinkles & lines Eliminates dark circles & puffiness Leaves eye contour velvety smooth, radiant & youthful Suitable for all skin types.

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Valmont Firming Lifting Corrector Eye Factor II

This rich and elastic cream targes the heart of the wrinkle for a lifting and firming effect. Firming and lifting eye contour cream. To lift and firm the eye contour. For skin lacking in firmness and showing first signs of wrinkles.

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Valmont Prime Contour

Prime Contour is a rich non-greasy cream designed for the eye contour and the lips. This fine emulsion protects the delicate skin around these areas, limits the water loss and brings nourishing elements. Rich in Triple DNA, RNA and Peptides+, it helps diminish, one day after another, the visible signs of time.

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