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Free Radicals

Antioxidants come up often in skin care and nutrition education. Why do we love them so much? What is their role in our skin and body health? Antioxidants are defending us from free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that contain an unpaired electron, which causes them to be highly chemically reactive. This unstable molecule is destructive when it comes into contact with structures and other molecules within the cell. Without sufficient antioxidants (the natural enemy of free radicals) an excess of free radicals creates inflammation and leads to premature aging. Antioxidants are a must in every skin care routine. Ask us how to boost your free radical protection. Here are some of our favorites!

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Technology and the Skin

Recent scientific evidence suggests that High Energy Visible (HEV) light at the wavelengths that the eye perceives as blue to violet is harmful to skin. HEV light has been shown to generate the same amount of reactive oxygen species (ROSs) in the skin as those produced by UVA and UVB combined. The exact impact of this ROS burst to normal biochemical cycles that maintain healthy skin is not fully understood.

Lipo Chemicals has conducted a study analyzing the changes in the skin’s gene expression when exposed to HEV light. This study’s results indicate that HEV light may significantly affect the skin’s inflammatory cascade and its progression to healing, barrier recovery, cell cycles and melanogenesis. The results may explain the variety of previously described effects of HEV light on skin and shed new light on the understanding of what is believed to be the harmful impact that leads to accelerated skin aging. In order to maintain skin’s health the skin must be shielded from this wavelength.

What is High Energy Visible Light?

High energy visible (HEV) light is a high frequency light in the blue/violet region with wavelengths from 400 to 500 nm created from Laptops, Cell Phones, LED lights etc. While the public is highly educated regarding the dangers associated with excessive exposure to ultraviolet light in the UVA and UVB wavelengths, findings in recent years indicate that we have yet to explore the full spectrum of adverse effects related to sun exposure.

What Damage Can Be Caused By HEV Light?

Like UVA, HEV light may be another silent, long-term aging wavelength. It does not generate the immediate erythema or edema reactions triggered by UVB, but it may induce carcinogenesis and accelerated photoaging. While the effect of UVB radiation is associated with direct damage to the DNA, the cellular damage caused by HEV radiation is less direct and is associated with the generation of free radicals and the induction of oxidative stress. HEV is most likely absorbed by endogenous non-DNA chromophores in the skin, a process that leads to the generation of photo-sensitization mediators. In their photo-excited state these intermediates exert damage by directly reacting with substrate molecules, including DNA bases or molecular oxygen leading to ROS formation.

What can I do to protect my skin?

Skin by Marywynn’s new Total Age Corrector and Eye Serum both contain Liposhield which is currently the only ingredient on the market proven to protect against HEV light. This fractioned melanin compound from vegetable origin was designed to be applied topically as an environmental defense. It is designed to shield the skin from HEV light and scavenge free-radicals generated by the sources of HEV light. Layer with Skin by Marywynn’s Antioxidant Defense complex for extra free-radical protection.


References: YG Labs and GCI Magazine and Lipo Chemicals

It’s all about the eyes

It’s all about the eyes baby. We are so excited 4 new eye creams have arrived and they truly are amazing! Until now, the Valmont Prime Contour has been the mack daddy of all creams. Great for brightening, lifing, puffines and dark circles. We always test everything else against this bad boy, but at $190 per oz it was a bit steep for some folks. This year we discovered a new eye cream from Darphin, Stimulskin Eye Cream $130 for .5oz. If crows feet are your challenge, this is the one for you. Next up are 3 new anti-wrinkle eye treatments from Valmont. I didn’t think it possible but they out did themselves. Cyto complex I, II and III. I is for an all over tightening effect, like a topical botox. $190 .5 oz. Cyto II is all about lifting droopy lids. this one is shocking, my eye lids are sitting in a diiferent place after 3 weeks use, $200 .5 oz and then the Cyto III $220 .5 oz. This is great for stimulating collagen production. If you get injections this will help them to last longer. You may find that you can eliminate the need for botox around the eyes with this treatment. I’m using II on my upper lids and III under my eyes and crows feet area. Wanna play with some samples? Just ask at your next visit. These treatments rock.
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Eye Cream vs Eye Gel

We are often asked which is better, eye cream or eye gel.  Around here we are quite obsessive when it comes to eye products.  When testing a new product we use it on one eye, testing it against the Valmont Contour which we consider the mac daddy of eye creams. That way there is clear and visible proof of a difference.

Both creams and gels are effective at treating wrinkles. There are 2  main differences as I see it. First, eye gels are better at reducing puffiness and dark circles. Second, if you have really sensitive eyes gels work much better at not bleeding into your eyes.

So if you are 20 a light weigh lotion/cream is perfect, but upon hitting your 30′s you want to target the under eye area with a great gel. Once you hit your 40′s you may use both a gel and cream like I do. If you have any questions about which is better for you, ask at your next appointment.

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Anti-Aging Eyecare For All Ages

They say the eyes are the doorway to your soul. So what does it say about your soul if your eyes are all puffy and full of lines? Well, since all skin is not created equally – especially around the eyes – it’s important to take special care of them and the skin surrounding them.

The skin around your eyes is thin, it’s true. It also has virtually no sebaceous glands, is stressed by frequent eye movement, has minimal fat padding and overlies a particularly dense capillary network. This adds up to an area prone to puffiness, dryness, and a knack for being the first one to show signs of aging.

I know, I know. When you’re twenty-five, aging is the last thing on your mind. But things like fine lines, bags and crow’s feet can come in as early as thirty-five. Which means? You have to start early. Preventative treatment at twenty-five is a great way to go. There are effective products out there that dramatically diminish the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and other eye area challenges. So, depending on your age, what should you use?

20-35 year olds: It’s all about Prevention

Eye Plus Lotion from Tu-el: With Ingredients like green tea, anise oil and algae extract, you have a light non-irritating lotion that helps to soothe the delicate eye area, smooth fine lines and help relieve puffiness. You may also use this on your lips to help prevent fine lines.

35 Plus: It’s all about Treatment

Contour by Valmont: This lightweight, non-greasy cream helps correct the area around the eyes and protect the lip contour. RNA, DNA, Bulgarian Rose and glacial spring water help restore the tone and firmness of skin tissues as well as combat signs of fatigue. Also helps to smoothe features while also softening the appearance of wrinkles. A Skin by Marywynn fave.

Stressed, Tired, Puffy Eyes of Any Age.

Eye Regenerating Mask from Valmont: The Mack Daddy of eye treatments, this mask can be added to any facial or purchased for home use. It’s a collagen mask specifically formulated to restore a youthful and glowing appearance to the eye area no matter how much sleep you’re lacking. Use once a week, once a month or on an “as needed” basis. This mask utilizes caffeine, mountain arnica, green tea, muchopolysaccharides and collagen. (A moment of silence, please.)

Let’s recap, ladies. To help prevent and repair the signs of aging around the delicate eye area, eye creams and lotions are essential to any skincare regimen and should be used daily. For any adult, it’s never too soon to start using an eye treatment. And one last tip? Save those dollars. Less is more when using eye creams and lotions. Go sparingly and you’ll still see amazing results. Pair them with your facial and all eyes will be on you – in a good way.

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