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Prepare for Winter Lips

Some of the most visible areas of aging are eyes, mouth and décolletage. Although most women focus on these to reverse or slow the aging process, there’s on area that doesn’t always get the same kind of attention, your lips. Time takes its toll on lips, causing them to thin and crack more often as the years pass. Accumulated sun damage can put them at risk for skin cancer and discoloration as well.

It’s possible, however, to slow down signs of aging on your lips with Skin by Marywynn Lip Remodeling Treatment. The peptide formula will boost collagen production and plump, while Coastal Marine Fennel will repair surface damage and smooth out roughness. With its soft lotion-like texture it can either be used alone or as a base for lip color. If you plan on doing winter sports this season we suggest using it in conjunction with Solar Protection LIPTECT SPF 45 to prevent further sun damage as well.

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Are you neglecting your Neck?

When doing your morning and night skin care regimen don’t forget to include your decolletage. The skin in this area can be sensitive and show signs of aging sooner than the face. Be sure to cleanse, exfoliate moisturize and apply SPF with the same care as you do to your face. A good neck cream can be used in place of your facial moisturizer for better results. Valmont Prime Neck and Guinot Longue Vie Cou Neck both work wonders on treatment and prevention of aging.

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Can Valmont Improve on the DNA Repair Serum?

Just when we think these products can’t get any better they surprise us with the latest in skin care technology.Valmont has just released a new “super” serum called Polyfactor Repair Serum III.

This serum is appropriate for anyone who wants to see significant changes in both the softening of fine lines and lifting of tired sagging skin. Valmont DNA Repair Serum has been our serum of choice for assisting in the “prevention” of fine lines and gravity. It also boosts tissue regeneration as well as calms and soothes damaged tired skin with ingredients such as Echinacea, Vitamin E and Biopeptides.

The new Polyfactor Repair Serum III simply takes this to a whole new level. This serum is going to treat the lines and wrinkles that are “already there”. This serum provides immediate smoothing and lifting by reinforcing the biological structure of the skin which allows for denser firmer skin. One of the primary ingredients is the Sichuan Pepper Extract. This ingredient actually blocks synaptic transmissions from muscle contractions. It is also contains a new cocktail of anti-wrinkle peptides which offer a similar result to Retinoic Acid or Vitamin A.

Our suggestion moving forward for our clients already using the DNA Repair Serum is to pick up a sample on your next visit. We now have options for both prevention as well as correction!

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Product Information from Vicki

We take training very seriously here at Skin by Marywynn.  We want to be able to provide you with the latest information on skin care products and ingredients. I always leave a training session feeling even more excited about the industry we are in and the products we have access too.  Most recently we met with our trainer for the Skin by Marywynn product line.  Although I have worked with these products for two and half years now I was reminded once again of how amazing they are!  Here a couple of key factors about each of our serums:

Stress Recovery Complex- This serum helps combat the effects of stress on the skin, as we have discussed before, stress increases the cortisol levels in the skin which can lead to cellular death.  I don’t know about you but I need all of the healthy cells I can get!  This calming serum helps to relieve redness, irritation, sensitivity and tension wrinkles.  WOW, need I say more?

Advanced Firming Serum-This product contains the Matrixyl Peptide which is as effective as 5% Vitamin C  or .07% Retinol.  This complex helps to wake up the Collagen and Elastin which leads to firmer skin. This is especially helpful for slowing down the lines and wrinkles and is effective around the eyes as well.

Activating Liposome Complex- This serum is wonderful for skin with multiple problems.  This product contains Beta Glucans which work on the surface of the skin to help with immune response. Basically they challenge the skin to correct itself.  Wonderful for addressing dehydration, acne, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

If you have not tried one of these products, ask about them on your next visit.  Chances are you have had at least two or more of them on your skin at some point during a facial!

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Eye Cream vs Eye Gel

We are often asked which is better, eye cream or eye gel.  Around here we are quite obsessive when it comes to eye products.  When testing a new product we use it on one eye, testing it against the Valmont Contour which we consider the mac daddy of eye creams. That way there is clear and visible proof of a difference.

Both creams and gels are effective at treating wrinkles. There are 2  main differences as I see it. First, eye gels are better at reducing puffiness and dark circles. Second, if you have really sensitive eyes gels work much better at not bleeding into your eyes.

So if you are 20 a light weigh lotion/cream is perfect, but upon hitting your 30′s you want to target the under eye area with a great gel. Once you hit your 40′s you may use both a gel and cream like I do. If you have any questions about which is better for you, ask at your next appointment.

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Make Up Tip From Liz Correct Foundation Color

Finding Your Correct Foundation Color:

When looking for a new makeup color I always recommend matching the neck and décolletage.

A lot of times our skin color varies between our face and the rest of our body. This is because our face receives the most sun (SPF!). So if you match your face and don’t check to make sure the color matches everything else it is very easy to end up with the dreaded “line” along the jawline.

When applying makeup, make sure to always blend your makeup down your neck as well. This will also help to ensure nice even coverage.

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Argh I woke up with 3 zits! What do I do?

Ok this is true, this morning I awoke to three lovely pimples on my chin. I went to dinner with some girlfriends, had some salad, pizza and wine. Not sure if it is related as I assume it’s the crazy level of stress I am under.

Try following these steps and see if this helps expedite you healing process.


2. Grab a cup of coffee..this makes everything better in my world.

3. Grab an ice cube or frozen bag of peas or whatever you have  in the freezer and hold it on the pimple(s) for a few minutes to reduce the swelling and pain. Don’t pick!

4. Grab a topical that has anti-inflammatory properties, I use the Platinum Soothing Mask from Tu-el as my pimple cream. If you don’t have anything at home, wet a tea bag and apply it to the area and hold for a few minutes. I don’t like pimple creams with Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide, but if you respond well to those ingredients knock yourself out. Again don’t pick.

5. Repeat with the ice, tea and topical. Don’t pick.

6. Dab some concealer on it, I use the Susan Posnik colorflo powder trick. Don’t pick.

7. Do this again at your lunch break or whenever you can through out the day and again before you go to bed. Don’t pick, don’t pick and lastly….don’t pick!

My breakout tends to go away in 2 days. Treat your skin with gentle loving care, lots of anti-oxidants and clean food and water and it will heal much faster.

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Do I need to use a separate Neck Cream?

This is  a great question. In a word the answer is yes.

Many of us who  take care of our face tend to neglect our decollete and neck. Often when giving a facial I can feel a line of demarcation on the jawline, where the cleansing and exfoliation stop. Our skin shows signs of aging starting in our 30′s, one obvious sign is a wrinkled chest. I call it the tree, you know the one big wrinkle with several little shoots coming off in many directions.

The skin on our chest and neck have less sebaceous glands than our face, so already we have less oil. Even if we do put sunscreen on our face many of us, (including myself) didn’t extend it down as far as we needed to. Most neck neck creams are formulated a bit richer than face creams and tend to have better results in that delicate area. Consistent use will give you the best results long term.

When I wash my face at night with my Tu-el cleansing oil and herbalizer I make sure to wash my decollete and  follow with my Valmont DNA repair serum and finish with the Valmont Neck Cream. We also carry a beautiful neck cream from Guinot that many of our clients are quite happy with as well.

During the day you must use your SPF all the way down, anywhere that is showing skin is where you should be applying your potions. Happy necking!

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Make up tip from Liz: Blush Application:

When applying blush it is very easy to end up with a line of color across your cheek bone. It may look nice from the front but from the side there is a very distinct line of makeup.

To avoid this I recommend only applying blush on the apple of the cheek and then blending with your fingers up and along the cheek bone.   This way you still get the color and definition without the heaviness that using a blush brush would cause.

If you would like some help with application or color selection of blush, I would love to help.

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Vicki’s rant of the day

I have made a point lately of telling my clients to just stay out of the beauty aisles.  Whether it’s a grocery store, box store or big name department store, just stay away!  My training as a professional esthetician allows me to advise you on what is best for your skin type as well as any conditions that you are experiencing.  Trust me I will save you SOOOOO much money.  I too used to be an impulse buyer, which is what the beauty industry is banking on. They spend millions of dollars every year on catchy phrases, lovely packaging and promises of the ever so sought after “fountain of youth” serum, cream or potion.

Go to your bathroom and count how many bottles, jars, etc. that you have purchased either online or in the stores that you tried once and never used again.  Add up how much you have spent on wasted products that did nothing for you either because you did not use them or they gave you some strange reaction.  I would bet you will find at least a hundred dollars’ worth of products sitting on your shelves without including makeup.  How many of us have purchased make up, only to realize that they were the wrong color for us once we left the store.

If you are feeling like you need a little “something” for your skin just give me a call. I am happy to recommend a little something something for you to try.  As for Make up, we will personally color match you and apply whatever you would like to try.  We even recommend wearing it for the day before you commit.  No pressure here, we just want you and your skin to be happy!

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