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The best way to clean your skin at night, Tu’el cleansing system

The first step to proper skin care is the correct cleanser. If you feel squeaky clean or tight after washing, you are using an inappropriate cleanser. Your skin should feel soft, smooth and hydrated when clean.

Tu-el’s hydrophilic cleansing oils are the most effective method of deep pore cleansing. The sugar complexes of the herbal toner complete the cleansing process. Together they hydrate and balance your skin by creating the perfect water soluble cleanser.

We cleanse every client with this system. We believe to be the most amazing and effective way to cleanse your skin at night. If you can’t get in for a facial, it’s time to get some of these bad boys for your home. Not only do they feel amazing, they also smell fantastic. Countless clients report that their night time cleansing ritual is their favorite time of the day.

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Are you neglecting your Neck?

When doing your morning and night skin care regimen don’t forget to include your decolletage. The skin in this area can be sensitive and show signs of aging sooner than the face. Be sure to cleanse, exfoliate moisturize and apply SPF with the same care as you do to your face. A good neck cream can be used in place of your facial moisturizer for better results. Valmont Prime Neck and Guinot Longue Vie Cou Neck both work wonders on treatment and prevention of aging.

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Can Valmont Improve on the DNA Repair Serum?

Just when we think these products can’t get any better they surprise us with the latest in skin care technology.Valmont has just released a new “super” serum called Polyfactor Repair Serum III.

This serum is appropriate for anyone who wants to see significant changes in both the softening of fine lines and lifting of tired sagging skin. Valmont DNA Repair Serum has been our serum of choice for assisting in the “prevention” of fine lines and gravity. It also boosts tissue regeneration as well as calms and soothes damaged tired skin with ingredients such as Echinacea, Vitamin E and Biopeptides.

The new Polyfactor Repair Serum III simply takes this to a whole new level. This serum is going to treat the lines and wrinkles that are “already there”. This serum provides immediate smoothing and lifting by reinforcing the biological structure of the skin which allows for denser firmer skin. One of the primary ingredients is the Sichuan Pepper Extract. This ingredient actually blocks synaptic transmissions from muscle contractions. It is also contains a new cocktail of anti-wrinkle peptides which offer a similar result to Retinoic Acid or Vitamin A.

Our suggestion moving forward for our clients already using the DNA Repair Serum is to pick up a sample on your next visit. We now have options for both prevention as well as correction!

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It’s all about the eyes

It’s all about the eyes baby. We are so excited 4 new eye creams have arrived and they truly are amazing! Until now, the Valmont Prime Contour has been the mack daddy of all creams. Great for brightening, lifing, puffines and dark circles. We always test everything else against this bad boy, but at $190 per oz it was a bit steep for some folks. This year we discovered a new eye cream from Darphin, Stimulskin Eye Cream $130 for .5oz. If crows feet are your challenge, this is the one for you. Next up are 3 new anti-wrinkle eye treatments from Valmont. I didn’t think it possible but they out did themselves. Cyto complex I, II and III. I is for an all over tightening effect, like a topical botox. $190 .5 oz. Cyto II is all about lifting droopy lids. this one is shocking, my eye lids are sitting in a diiferent place after 3 weeks use, $200 .5 oz and then the Cyto III $220 .5 oz. This is great for stimulating collagen production. If you get injections this will help them to last longer. You may find that you can eliminate the need for botox around the eyes with this treatment. I’m using II on my upper lids and III under my eyes and crows feet area. Wanna play with some samples? Just ask at your next visit. These treatments rock.
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Seductive Eyes

How does one create that perfect “come hither” eye? Simple! Start with a light shade (champagne or pink work well) all over the lid up to the crease of the eye lid. Feel free to really layer the light shade so that it stays put throughout your evening out. Next choose a darker shade (charcoal or mushroom give definition without being too dramatic) and line the outer half of the upper lash line and the outer half of the eye lid crease. Next you blend, blend, blend. I like to think of it like a windshield washer going back and forth.  Blend back and forth on the lash line and the crease, Make sure to keep the darker shade away from the actual lid where you placed the light shade. If you want to add a little more drama you can lightly line the bottom lash line and blend with a brush. To finish off your date night eye apply several layers of mascara and you are ready to wow the town.

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Ombre, the latest trend in color!

So there is this new trend that I am seeing everywhere and it is Ombre. Whether it is hair, clothes or makeup it is all over the fashion world right now. Ombre is most simply put, a graduation is color. One of the post popular forms of Ombre is creating a graduated lip color. There are a couple ways to achieve this. The first is to fill in your lips with a lip liner. The color is up to you as long as it is a darker, deeper shade. After filling in your lips you pat translucent finishing powder onto the middle of the lip. Doing this creates that graduated look from a light shade to a deep shade on the outer parts of the lip. Happy Ombre-ing!

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Product Information from Vicki

We take training very seriously here at Skin by Marywynn.  We want to be able to provide you with the latest information on skin care products and ingredients. I always leave a training session feeling even more excited about the industry we are in and the products we have access too.  Most recently we met with our trainer for the Skin by Marywynn product line.  Although I have worked with these products for two and half years now I was reminded once again of how amazing they are!  Here a couple of key factors about each of our serums:

Stress Recovery Complex- This serum helps combat the effects of stress on the skin, as we have discussed before, stress increases the cortisol levels in the skin which can lead to cellular death.  I don’t know about you but I need all of the healthy cells I can get!  This calming serum helps to relieve redness, irritation, sensitivity and tension wrinkles.  WOW, need I say more?

Advanced Firming Serum-This product contains the Matrixyl Peptide which is as effective as 5% Vitamin C  or .07% Retinol.  This complex helps to wake up the Collagen and Elastin which leads to firmer skin. This is especially helpful for slowing down the lines and wrinkles and is effective around the eyes as well.

Activating Liposome Complex- This serum is wonderful for skin with multiple problems.  This product contains Beta Glucans which work on the surface of the skin to help with immune response. Basically they challenge the skin to correct itself.  Wonderful for addressing dehydration, acne, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

If you have not tried one of these products, ask about them on your next visit.  Chances are you have had at least two or more of them on your skin at some point during a facial!

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Looking for Kissable Lips?

To make sure that your lips are hydrated start with the Skin by Marywynn Lip Remodeling Treatment. This will boost collagen production and plump as well as break down any dry skin so that your lips are ready for color. Next line your lips with the brightening side of the Susan Posnick Concealing Stick. Line right outside of the lip line and blend out. This will define your lips nicely as well as create a barrier so that your color doesn’t travel. Lastly is applying the perfect shade of pink or red for you. My personal favorite of ours is the Armour Lip Gloss in Shattered.

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Why get a facial?

You would be surprised at how many times we hear this question asked.  Here are some examples of reasons you should consider giving us a call:

  • A facial provides proper analysis of your skin and correct product recommendations
  • It includes exfoliation which refines your skin’s texture allowing better product absorption
  • It is Anti-Aging by combating the negative effects of sun exposure and incorrect product use
  • Stress Reduction-
    • Stress is quickly rising to number 1 in the premature aging process (sun exposure is #2)
    • Stress is a rosacea trigger
    • Stress lengthens wound healing by up to 30%
    • Stress shortens the life span of your skin cells
    • Stress increases your cortisol levels triggering inflammation in the skin — weakens the skins barrier—increases dryness and sensitivity
    • Stress aggravates acne- increased inflammation
    • Stress makes every skin condition worse
    • Women are more susceptible to stress aging
  • Education
    • We explain how to care for your specific skin type and conditions you may be experiencing.  We also discuss diet and how it can affect your skin.
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Got Holiday Face?

Ok, who else has holiday face? Seems like everyone, ourselves included, had too many sweets, way too much rich food and not enough sleep for the past month. Now our skin is suffering.

Sugar alone can cause crazy amounts of damage to the skin. Glycation happens when your blood sugar goes up rapidly and it attaches to your collagen. It stiffens it and turns it brown like creme brulee. Glycation of the collagen fibers makes the skin stiff and inflexible. This in turn contributes to deep wrinkles that make you look old. It also drives up insulin levels which contribute to acne. Dairy also plays a role, increasing certain hormones, like androgen, also increases acne.

If you are puffy, irritated, congested and all around not happy with your skin, get in here for some skin intervention.

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