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Skin by Marywynn

Meet the Team

Vicki Mills

| Senior Esthetician

Vicki Mills is very passionate about skin care and her clients’ satisfaction. Being an Oregon Native she has firsthand experience of how the Northwest environment can impact your skin. After spending years in the health club industry she crossed over into the spa world and instantly fell in love. A self-proclaimed product junkie, skincare was the perfect way to indulge her curiosity. She began by working in Med Spa management and sales which has given her experience with many different product lines. Next, she jumped into the treatment room, obtaining her esthetics training at the Euro Institute of Skincare. It was a natural fit right from the start; years of product line knowledge coupled with her esthetic training and medical spa background have proven to be a dynamic combination. Vicki believes that there is room for both holistic and medical approaches to the health of our skin and takes into consideration both the internal and external influences that can effect and enhance it. Her true passion is working with her clients on restoring balance and educating them on their skin care needs. “I tell clients almost daily that what they do at home for their skin far outweighs what I can do for them in an hour. And it is so rewarding to see a client glowing as they leave with a refreshed look on their face and a renewed attitude about themselves.”

1. What is your personal beauty philosophy?

Keep it simple. If it’s too complicated, I wont do it.

2. What drew you to skincare?

A general love of all things “spa”:  products, relaxation, a place to shut down and allow yourself to unwind and relax.  I love that I get to provide that for someone else.

3. What are your three desert island products?

Vitamin Veil Cleanser, Redensifier, and SPF

4. What makes your different as an aesthetician?

I take what I do seriously.  I genuinely want to help each client achieve their goals.  I am honest in my approach to educate and assist them with product and treatment choices and listen to their needs.

5. What do your beautiful friends and clients have in common?

I think beauty comes from within, the beautiful people in my life are ones who live life to the fullest and have a general happy nature.


Keri Wegs

| Senior Esthetician

Keri Wegs began her mission to beautify this world when, as a twelve year old, she received her first pimple. Her first dermatologist appointment soon followed. This and her obsession with images of made up women in her monthly Seventeen started her lifelong devotion to beauty and wellness for herself and others. She got her first job as an esthetician at an Aveda Concept Spa in Ashland, Oregon where she honed her skills as an esthetician. Her specialty was acne management, as she worked to build a workable skincare regimen for clients that would make them see and feel results. Next, she worked in San Francisco at an elite urban skin studio where she worked in tandem with plastic surgeons and dermatologists and helped research products for the studio’s line. Keri has now been at Skin by Marywynn for six years, and is approaching twenty years of being an esthetician. Her greatest joy as an esthetician is to teach her clients how to use all the tools she has gained over the years, where they can see results, and gain self-confidence in the process.

Keri’s “fast five”:

1. What are your three desert island products?

Pore cleanser, Vitamin C, and Tizo Sunscreen

2. What drew you to skincare?

I was absolutely desperate to figure out how to heal my acne.

3. What is your personal beauty philosophy?

Embrace what you have and pay attention to your skin like you would your health.

4. What do your beautiful friends and clients have in common?

I would have to say that they all have an inner beauty that radiates out.

5. What are your favorite vices?

Wine, Coffee, and Yoga!

Molly Adair

| Junior Esthetician

Around Skin by Marywynn, we love to refer to Molly as “dynamic”. She is one of the most authentic and dedicated individuals you are likely to meet.  Her love for people, and interest in the beauty industry has led her down multiple roads, which eventually (thankfully) brought her to us here at Skin by Marywynn. If you have questions about the products in our shop, Molly is your gal, as she takes time to educate herself on them daily. Molly’s favorite part of working in skincare is getting to receive continued education on all of the latest products and ingredients. She’s passionate about the science behind skincare. In her two years with the company she has traveled across the west coast to become an expert on our skincare lines. Molly is a people person who loves helping our clients with their skincare needs, and getting to know each of them on a personal level.

Molly’s “fast five”:

1. What are your three desert island products?

Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen, Radical Recovery after-sun lotion and Pore-Clearing Cleanser

2. What is your personal beauty philosophy? 

Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen!

3. Pretend you have only five minutes to leave the house for the day–what is your beauty routine?

This is my actual routine, and it takes only 5 minutes: Wash face, moisturize. Concealer, powder, blush, mascara.

4. What’s the most common mistake your clients make?

Buying products off Amazon.  If it isn’t sold buy a retailer or the actual company, it is most likely not the actual product. Cheaper is not always better, especially when it comes to skincare.

5. What’s your favorite vice?

I can’t choose between coffee and champagne.

Natalie Bruno

| Makeup Artist + Receptionist

Natalie Bruno started her work in the beauty industry at just 16 as a part time receptionist for a hair salon in the sunny beach town of Santa Cruz, California. While working, Natalie realized her passion for makeup, which started her on the road of working as a freelance makeup artist. Natalie’s goal as a makeup artist is to bring out her clients’ natural beauty. She strongly believes in listening to what the client wants and learning about their current routine to create attainable looks that enhance their favorite assets. Natalie is thrilled to have found a business that shares her values and is excited to bring her extensive makeup knowledge to the Skin by Marywynn team.

Natalie’s “fast five”:

1. What is the most common mistake your clients make?

They believe they don’t need sunscreen because their makeup has SPF.

2. What is your personal beauty philosophy?

It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

3. What drew you to skincare?

I had acne prone skin as a teenager that I wanted to take care of. I also wanted to prevent sun damage on my face, so from a young age I researched ways to take care of my skin.

4. What are your three desert island products?

Dry shampoo, sunscreen, and chapstick

5. Where is your favorite spot on earth?

The cliffs overlooking the SF Bay