About Keri

Keri Wegs began her mission to beautify this world when, as a twelve year old, she received her first pimple. Her first dermatologist appointment soon followed. This and her obsession with images of made up women in her monthly Seventeen started her lifelong devotion to beauty and wellness for herself and others.

She got her first job as an esthetician at an Aveda Concept Spa in Ashland, Oregon. She remained with Aveda for seven years where she was able to fully hone her skills as an esthetician. Her specialty soon became the acne management program offered for teenagers and adult acne clients. Through her past experience with problematic skin she was able to extend her experience to her clients. This became her favorite aspect of esthetics, building a workable skincare regime for clients, where they would see and feel results.

Relocating to San Francisco, she got a position at an elite urban skin studio on the ever popular Maiden Lane. She also got the privilege of working in tandem with plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the care of clients skin. One of the highlights of working at this job included being able to help research new products for this upscale salon’s cutting edge skin care line. With the industry always changing, Keri realized the importance of always keeping up with the latest ingredients and technology in the skin care industry.

Keri is now happy to be back in her native Oregon and excited to embark on this new adventure.