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Prepare for Winter Lips

Some of the most visible areas of aging are eyes, mouth and d├ęcolletage. Although most women focus on these to reverse or slow the aging process, there’s on area that doesn’t always get the same kind of attention, your lips. Time takes its toll on lips, causing them to thin and crack more often as the years pass. Accumulated sun damage can put them at risk for skin cancer and discoloration as well.

It’s possible, however, to slow down signs of aging on your lips with Skin by Marywynn Lip Remodeling Treatment. The peptide formula will boost collagen production and plump, while Coastal Marine Fennel will repair surface damage and smooth out roughness. With its soft lotion-like texture it can either be used alone or as a base for lip color. If you plan on doing winter sports this season we suggest using it in conjunction with Solar Protection LIPTECT SPF 45 to prevent further sun damage as well.

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The best way to clean your skin at night, Tu’el cleansing system

The first step to proper skin care is the correct cleanser. If you feel squeaky clean or tight after washing, you are using an inappropriate cleanser. Your skin should feel soft, smooth and hydrated when clean.

Tu-el’s hydrophilic cleansing oils are the most effective method of deep pore cleansing. The sugar complexes of the herbal toner complete the cleansing process. Together they hydrate and balance your skin by creating the perfect water soluble cleanser.

We cleanse every client with this system. We believe to be the most amazing and effective way to cleanse your skin at night. If you can’t get in for a facial, it’s time to get some of these bad boys for your home. Not only do they feel amazing, they also smell fantastic. Countless clients report that their night time cleansing ritual is their favorite time of the day.

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