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Eye Cream vs Eye Gel

We are often asked which is better, eye cream or eye gel.  Around here we are quite obsessive when it comes to eye products.  When testing a new product we use it on one eye, testing it against the Valmont Contour which we consider the mac daddy of eye creams. That way there is clear and visible proof of a difference.

Both creams and gels are effective at treating wrinkles. There are 2  main differences as I see it. First, eye gels are better at reducing puffiness and dark circles. Second, if you have really sensitive eyes gels work much better at not bleeding into your eyes.

So if you are 20 a light weigh lotion/cream is perfect, but upon hitting your 30′s you want to target the under eye area with a great gel. Once you hit your 40′s you may use both a gel and cream like I do. If you have any questions about which is better for you, ask at your next appointment.

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Make Up Tip From Liz Correct Foundation Color

Finding Your Correct Foundation Color:

When looking for a new makeup color I always recommend matching the neck and décolletage.

A lot of times our skin color varies between our face and the rest of our body. This is because our face receives the most sun (SPF!). So if you match your face and don’t check to make sure the color matches everything else it is very easy to end up with the dreaded “line” along the jawline.

When applying makeup, make sure to always blend your makeup down your neck as well. This will also help to ensure nice even coverage.

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Argh I woke up with 3 zits! What do I do?

Ok this is true, this morning I awoke to three lovely pimples on my chin. I went to dinner with some girlfriends, had some salad, pizza and wine. Not sure if it is related as I assume it’s the crazy level of stress I am under.

Try following these steps and see if this helps expedite you healing process.


2. Grab a cup of coffee..this makes everything better in my world.

3. Grab an ice cube or frozen bag of peas or whatever you have  in the freezer and hold it on the pimple(s) for a few minutes to reduce the swelling and pain. Don’t pick!

4. Grab a topical that has anti-inflammatory properties, I use the Platinum Soothing Mask from Tu-el as my pimple cream. If you don’t have anything at home, wet a tea bag and apply it to the area and hold for a few minutes. I don’t like pimple creams with Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide, but if you respond well to those ingredients knock yourself out. Again don’t pick.

5. Repeat with the ice, tea and topical. Don’t pick.

6. Dab some concealer on it, I use the Susan Posnik colorflo powder trick. Don’t pick.

7. Do this again at your lunch break or whenever you can through out the day and again before you go to bed. Don’t pick, don’t pick and lastly….don’t pick!

My breakout tends to go away in 2 days. Treat your skin with gentle loving care, lots of anti-oxidants and clean food and water and it will heal much faster.

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Do I need to use a separate Neck Cream?

This is  a great question. In a word the answer is yes.

Many of us who  take care of our face tend to neglect our decollete and neck. Often when giving a facial I can feel a line of demarcation on the jawline, where the cleansing and exfoliation stop. Our skin shows signs of aging starting in our 30′s, one obvious sign is a wrinkled chest. I call it the tree, you know the one big wrinkle with several little shoots coming off in many directions.

The skin on our chest and neck have less sebaceous glands than our face, so already we have less oil. Even if we do put sunscreen on our face many of us, (including myself) didn’t extend it down as far as we needed to. Most neck neck creams are formulated a bit richer than face creams and tend to have better results in that delicate area. Consistent use will give you the best results long term.

When I wash my face at night with my Tu-el cleansing oil and herbalizer I make sure to wash my decollete and  follow with my Valmont DNA repair serum and finish with the Valmont Neck Cream. We also carry a beautiful neck cream from Guinot that many of our clients are quite happy with as well.

During the day you must use your SPF all the way down, anywhere that is showing skin is where you should be applying your potions. Happy necking!

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Do I have to have extractions?

I had a client come in for her monthly facial today and tell me she loves how her skin is responding to the treatments and home care, but she really hates the extractions. She asked if we could possibly avoid them as they are painful and she is stressed and wanted to relax.

The short answer is of course we can. We have plenty of options in our treatments that can help do the work of pore cleansing. The results are not quite as effective but work none the less. In this case after her glycolic peel we used a purifying mask (she added on a collagen eye treatment) then a firming mask to finish.

She was thrilled and her skin looked fantastic. So lesson of the day, if you would rather not have extractions you don’t have to. Just let us know at your next appointment.

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Why do we need antioxidants in our skincare?

Just what the heck are antioxidants? In a nutshell a chemical compound or substance that inhibits oxidation, or a substance (like vitamin E or C) thought to protect cells from oxidation. What is oxidation?  The combination of a substance (your skin cells) with oxygen. So antioxidant literally means to counteract oxidation. So what does that have to do with my facial?

When it comes to treating the skin, some of our favorite ingredients are antioxidants. Often when it comes to the  treatment/mask portion of your facial, I will say this mask is like a huge vitamin pill for your skin. Most people are drifting off to la-la land at that point and ask later, now what was that you were saying about anti-oxidants?

There are 2 main types of antioxidants, direct and indirect. Direct antioxidants directly neutralize free radicals where as Indirect assist the cell in it’s own production of antioxidant enzymes.

In the skin antioxidants can soothe irritation, control sensitivity, firm, reduce sins of wrinkles, fight signs of acne, moisturize and soften dry skin. This is why we need antioxidants in our skincare. One of our favorites is the Crystal C Serum from Tu-el, not only does it contain Vitamin C, but it also has SOD (Superoxide Dismutase). SOD destroys lipid peroixde, which destroys the skins barrier. Do you see where this is going. ‘There is no one antioxidant that can do it all, you really need to use many as they all work differently.

Feel free to ask us what would be best for you on your next visit.

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