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Make up tip from Liz: Blush Application:

When applying blush it is very easy to end up with a line of color across your cheek bone. It may look nice from the front but from the side there is a very distinct line of makeup.

To avoid this I recommend only applying blush on the apple of the cheek and then blending with your fingers up and along the cheek bone.   This way you still get the color and definition without the heaviness that using a blush brush would cause.

If you would like some help with application or color selection of blush, I would love to help.

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Open House this weekend!

It’s party time! Saturday Oct 22 from 3-6. Bubbles, treats and discounts like never before. Stop by and see us.

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Vicki’s rant of the day

I have made a point lately of telling my clients to just stay out of the beauty aisles.  Whether it’s a grocery store, box store or big name department store, just stay away!  My training as a professional esthetician allows me to advise you on what is best for your skin type as well as any conditions that you are experiencing.  Trust me I will save you SOOOOO much money.  I too used to be an impulse buyer, which is what the beauty industry is banking on. They spend millions of dollars every year on catchy phrases, lovely packaging and promises of the ever so sought after “fountain of youth” serum, cream or potion.

Go to your bathroom and count how many bottles, jars, etc. that you have purchased either online or in the stores that you tried once and never used again.  Add up how much you have spent on wasted products that did nothing for you either because you did not use them or they gave you some strange reaction.  I would bet you will find at least a hundred dollars’ worth of products sitting on your shelves without including makeup.  How many of us have purchased make up, only to realize that they were the wrong color for us once we left the store.

If you are feeling like you need a little “something” for your skin just give me a call. I am happy to recommend a little something something for you to try.  As for Make up, we will personally color match you and apply whatever you would like to try.  We even recommend wearing it for the day before you commit.  No pressure here, we just want you and your skin to be happy!

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UVA (ages) UVB (burns)

It’s officially fall today, 46 when I got up this morning and sunny and crisp right now. I had a new client this morning and when I asked if she is wearing sunscreen everyday said I only wear it when it is sunny!

I want to clarify a few misconceptions regarding UVA.

  • It is approximately the same strength year round
  • Is full strength year round
  • Penetrates glass
  • Is in fluorescent light bulbs
  • Strong at any altitude
  • Damages deeper in the skin than UVB

If you can change your mindset about sunscreen and think of it as anti-aging perhaps you won’t hesitate to use it daily!

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Fun Skin Facts

Here are some crazy skin facts you can amaze your friends with at your next dinner party.

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body?  That it weighs approximately 7 lbs and is approximately 20 square feet? It contains approximately 25% of blood and 50% of your primary immune cells?  That it takes in 2.5% if the body’s oxygen and releases 3% of carbon dioxide and produces hormones and enzymes? That it is alive up to the stratum corneum?

Now how cool is that? Just a few reasons you should treat it with care, it’s working really hard for you.

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Client Feedback

I want to share this lovely (handwritten) note that arrived in the mail this morning. This is just reason why we do what we do.

Dear Marywynn,

The facial experience with Casey was wonderful! I feel like my complexion is markedly improved from when I stopped in one week ago. Thank you so much. I never feel manipulated into buying products from you and I never regret spending the money on them. Hope to see you soon for a maintenance facial!

Take Care,


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Gold Star for new Client

I have a lovely client, K who retired to Portland a few years back having spent years in the Texan Sun. Last month in order to take advantage of our bring a friend special (did I mention she is also very smart) she brought her husband B in for his first facial. B and I were having a great time during his facial when it came time for extractions and a really good look at his skin after exfoliating. There, under the mag lamp, on the side of his nose was a spot that looked very different than all of the others. I asked him about it, he said I go every six months, payback for all the damage I did as a kid. But since he had just been for his check up, he wondered if it was necessary to go right away. I’m not a doctor, but have seen plenty of per-cancerous spots that I said yes, please go soon. Better safe than sorry.

Well he listened, went and turns out it was pre-cancerous. His doctor stated it was a very fast growing type so he was glad he came in early for his check up. Now I have said to countless clients, some on their first visit please get this spot checked. Often times I never see or hear from them again, but this time I did. K & B just came back for another round of facials and K thanked me for suggesting he get checked. I just wanted to pin a gold star on his chest for following up! To all of you that we say, hey has this spot been here for a while or has it changed lately we are not trying to scare you. Just trying to encourage you to head to the dermatologist for a spot check. Like I said to B, better safe than sorry.

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Fall is here, time to update your look.

So we winterize our cars, homes and clothing. It’s time to also winterize our make up and skincare routine.

Gone are the warm days that call for pale glossy lips and light weight hydrating lotions. It’s time for the big guns. Rich lips to go with our dark sweaters and more moisture to battle the effects of the cold air. If you need help with either of these we have answers…and then some!

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Gratuity Policy

I was prompted to write this post after reading a e-mail offer from another local spa here in Portland. It was so shocking that I must share it with you. The tone they set really isn’t conducive to a lovely experience and actually seems down right rude to me. I have not edited this, but will leave the name out.

“By appointment only. A 24-hour cancellation policy applies. Deal must be used in 1 visit. Not valid on holidays or holiday weekends. This deal cannot be combined with any other offer. No cash value. Gratuity not included. PLEASE TIP ON THE FULL VALUE OF THE SERVICES PROVIDED. Coupon expires October 31, 2011. Please PRINT and bring the coupon with you. We look forward to seeing you soon!”  Wow, that’s all I can say…or will say publicly anyway.

Ok for once and for all, while tips are greatly appreciated they are never accepted at Skin by Marywynn. We love your referrals and online reviews on Google places, Yelp and City Search. We want you to think of our work as treatment. You don’t tip your dental hygienist so you don’t tip us.

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Save the date, Skin by Marywynn Celebrates Four Amazing Years!

Wow, seems like yesterday I opened my wee little studio on NW 23rd.  To celebrate, on Saturday Oct 23rd  I am going to have bubbles, my famous cookies and some never before seen deals on some of my favorite products! Let me just say Valmont has never, ever, EVER been on sale. Stay tuned for more details!

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